Kate Huxel

Floater Photographer, small format editor

Durango, Colorado

Kate Huxel

I attained a bachelors degree in studio art August 2018. Photography, Dance, and exploring the arts interest me while I recuperate from old injuries; the latest was an attempt to dance-iceskate but I broke my left shoulder. I hope to learn more about film and video or photo-editing, copy editing, and current events. Cartooning and going to music events is a recent joy. And I hope to sell more artwork from a tent at the Durango Farmers Market and the Animas Night Bazaar on Sat. and Wed.



FLC Cycling Wins 23rd National Title

Much time and many adjustments were made in taking pictures of McCauley Smith and Stephan Devoust of the Fort Lewis Cycling Team. likely chose this picture of McCauley because it showed the two medals she won, her bicycle, cycling jersey, moment cap, and her pleasant presence. I tried to focus on her face and the other background details were whited out and blurred. I composed cut lines for at least twelve of her pictures, perhaps hoping the Indy would do a photo essay, or at least have several pictures to choose from. Performing similarly for Stephan, I tried to capture the essence of his joy. The end of the online article shows a few more pictures of them that may have not made it into print, but exist online. I tried to be swift and make them at ease for the shots. I hoped for golden rectangle vertical pictures of both, which would have enhanced their true sizes. Learning about lighting and camera adjustments was key for me.
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James Anaya, Native American Rights Lawyer presents lecture and powerpoint to FLC and the public

James Anaya, Native American Rights Lawyer presented a lecture and powerpoint on the history of Native Rights and its consequences. The presentation was in January, 2018. This is an unpublished photo, perhaps for the Independent News Archives. James Anaya is conversing with Dean of the Arts and Sciences of Fort Lewis College, Jesse Peters.
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Fort Lewis College Wins over Colorado Mesa

Alex Semadeni makes a basket for Fort Lewis College December 8, 2017 against Colorado Mesa. Fort Lewis won.

Mozart's Così Fan Tutte

The Metropolitan Opera’s high definition version of Così Fan Tutte, which screened last Saturday in the Vallecito Room, showed diversity to all colors and personalities, including what some consider comic circus freaks. The mixture of two sopranos, tenor, and bass voices communicated harmonic conversation to carry the plot.
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"Durango Buckley Park Me Too Rally February 17, 2018"

This unpublished photo depicts Dr. Jude Harrison who spoke at the rally which advocated for gender rights, anti-sexual assault, and SASO (Sexual Assault Services Organization), and other resources people can turn to. The parade started at the Durango Silverton Narrow Gage Railroad yard and ended at Buckley Park, where survivors also told their stories.
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"Dirk Fowler and Prof. Cory Pillen converse at his showing"

This is an unpublished photograph of Graphic Designer Dirk Fowler conversing with Professor Cory Pillen at his opening reception showing in January, 2018, at the Art Building of Fort Lewis College. His work was minimalist yet very effective in getting his ideas across. He has some newsworthy designs and communications and has worked with record companies and and various other companies. Professor Pillen teaches Graphic Communications History, Art History and Contemporary Art Issues.
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"Mozart's Così Fan Tutte" By Kate Huxel

This is an unpublished opinion review of the Metropolitan Opera's version of Mozart's Così Fan Tutte which was appropriated into a 1950s carnival setting with circus performers. Although some opera fans may be dismayed by the new backdrop, I found it innovative. The four principal voices performed Mozart's work well with the harmonies and actions, adding their own expressions, heightening the composers intent. I only wish the burlesque type performers could have interacted more by singing as well. At times they seemed to merely add a backdrop for the singers by doing gymnastics and unusual feats, whereas other times they actually became part of the plot. The introduction with signs and the changing scenery was clever.
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"A capella Music brings New Sounds to Fort Lewis College" By Kate Huxel

This is an unpublished description of a beautiful choir concert (under the direction of Charissa Chiaravalloti) held by Fort Lewis College Friday, February 23rd, 2018. I photographed from the first balcony with a zoom lens, and afterwards, taking pictures of a soprano handed flowers by her mother. The enclosed picture depicts two of the soprano soloists who performed that night as they were discussing between performances on stage. The unusual pieces included different harmonies, some atonal, as well as popular pieces arranged uniquely.
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FLC Students Affected by DACA Measures

Daisy Taylor, Fort Lewis College student, had a friend affected by the DACA legislation. This is an unpublished photo taken of Daisy which led to Independent reporter and writer Becca Day's interview with Daisy's supervisor, Shirena Trujillo Long, M.A., Coordinator for El Centro de Muchos Colores of the Hispano Resource Center. This also led to a published online article for the Independent News Organization by Becca Day. I learned to take Daisy's close up photograph after trying several long distance pictures of her standing by the DACA sign for Muchos de Colores club (El Centro), a Latin diversity club. Not adding cut lines until much later, the photos did not appear online with the article, however, the learning experience was valuable, and the photos were reshot, availing more detail, later.
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Trump’s Decision to Rescind DACA Felt at FLC

The Trump administration announced its decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration policy in early September, affecting the lives of college and university students across the nation. DACA previously allowed undocumented immigrants who came to America before they turned 18 to apply for work permits and deferred action status, Shirena Trujillo Long, coordinator of El Centro de Muchos Colores, said.

The Independent Release Party

Instagram published photo with cutline of Aidan Multhauf at the first Independent News Organization print release party I learned to capture people spontaneously without putting them on the spot. Not really assigned to take pictures for this event, I took advantage of the opportunity as great practice and experience. Using the tripod was difficult and not fast enough, so hand-held camera shots were found swifter and more successful for ‘anonymously’ captured shots. Link to Story

Kate Huxel's Creative Hotlist Portfolio

Creative Hotlist Portfolios houses my graphic design and photography portfolio.
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Kate Huxel

Starting as a dance major at Southern Methodist University and transferring to California Institute of the Arts in Valencia kept me searching for different dance techniques. I studied with Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis in New York City, as well as audited silk screen photography and etching at the School of Visual Arts in New York City in the late 1970s. I returned to Dallas and studied Dance and Painting at Richland Community College, completed my associate of arts at Pueblo Community College, and bachelors at Fort Lewis College. The whole process is taking 45 years for completion. Along the way I married, had a daughter, divorced and now wish to vend my arts. Education is an ongoing process and I appreciated the help from my peers, teachers, and the younger colleagues in class.
They challenged me and also kept me thinking, active, and helped me stay young.



  • Sculpture
  • ceramics
  • Stretching, dance-type yoga..
  • typing, painting, drawing
  • editing
  • creating art
  • digital media photo design
  • fine art acrylic, pastel
  • Photography
  • Cartoonlike illustrations
  • Excel for beginners
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator